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Our North Tyneside Plan 2020-2024

The Our North Tyneside Plan sets out our bold ambitions for making North Tyneside an even greater place to live, work and visit by 2024.

It focuses on our three key themes – people, place and economy – and has 16 priorities for delivering positive opportunities for everyonein the borough over the next three years.

The plan is also focused on ensuring the council works better for residents by improving how we do things and offering residents opportunities to volunteer, be more independent and do more for their local communities.

Read Our North Tyneside Plan 2020-2024 in full here.

Past achievements

This plan follows on from the Our North Tyneside Plan 2013-2017. During that time, many examples of progress and positive change were delivered in North Tyneside.

Since 2012/13, we have seen a 20% increase in the number of children that have reached a good level of development in their early years. More children (especially those on free school meals) are achieving the expected level of development by the time they reach five years old.

Inequalities between our most deprived and most affluent areas are closing, and we are continuing to narrow the equalities gap for our residents.

More people are now in work compared to 2013. The number of young people who are not in education, employment or training has reduced, as has the number of 18 to 24-year olds on Job Seekers’ Allowance. People claiming unemployment benefits has dropped from 4.8% in 2012/13 to 2.7% in 2016/17.

Our residents are happier and healthier. Residents are more physically active than on average for the North East, and the number of people who smoke has reduced. Feedback from our residents’ survey shows over 80% of local people are satisfied with where they live and, in the last year, there has been an 8% increase in residents thinking their local area has improved.

More and better homes have been delivered across North Tyneside. We have built more new affordable homes in the past three years than in the entire decade before. In the last year alone, 892 new homes have been provided, 347 of which were affordable. Over a quarter of residents are very satisfied with the choice of housing now available to them.

The borough is attracting more businesses and creating more job opportunities at every skills level. There are now over 5,000 businesses based in North Tyneside - an increase from 3,890 in the last five years. Those businesses provide 81,900 jobs, which is over 10,000 more jobs than in 2012.

Opportunities for our young people have never been better. 88% of young people achieve qualifications at Key Stage 5 (A-Levels) and 90% of them, more than the national average, go on to higher education or employment.

This is all fantastic news for North Tyneside and its people. The Our North Tyneside Plan 2018-2021 builds on these successes and will ensure everyone in North Tyneside will have more and better opportunities over the next three years.

Priorities for 2020-2024

Our People will:

  • Be listened to so that their experience helps the Council work better for
  • Be ready for school – giving our children and their families the best start in
  • Be ready for work and life – with the right skills and abilities to achieve their
  • full potential, economic independence and meet business needs.
  • Be healthy and well – with the information, skills and opportunities to
  • maintain and improve their health, well-being and independence, especially if
  • they are carers.
  • Be cared for, protected and supported if they become vulnerable including if
  • they become homeless.
  • Be encouraged and enabled to, when ever possible, be more independent,
  • to volunteer and to do more for themselves and their local communities.

Our Places will:

  • Be great places to live by focusing on what is important to local people, such
  • as by tackling the derelict properties that are blighting some of our
  • Offer a good choice of quality housing appropriate to need, including
  • affordable homes that will be available to buy or rent.
  • Benefit from the completion of the North Tyneside Living project and by
  • North Tyneside Council’s housing stock being decent, well managed and its
  • potential use maximised.
  • Recognise the climate emergency by further reducing the Borough’s overall carbon footprint. This will include reducing the Council’s carbon footprint, along with encouraging and enabling everyone to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Provide a clean, green, healthy, attractive and safe environment.
  • Have an effective transport and physical infrastructure - including our roads,
  • pavements, street lighting, drainage and public transport.
  • Continue to be regenerated in Wallsend and Whitley Bay, through effective public, private and community partnerships, while ambitious plans will be
  • developed for North Shields, Forest Hall and Killingworth.
  • Be a thriving place of choice for visitors through the promotion of our award
  • winning parks, beaches, festivals and seasonal activities.

Our Economy will:

  • Benefit, along with our people and places, from our ambitious vision in the North of Tyne Combined Authority.
  • Benefit from the delivery of our ambitious vision, which we created with partners in the North of Tyne Combined Authority. We will have a dynamic and more inclusive economy, which will ensure that all residents have a stake in our region’s future
  • Grow by supporting new businesses and building on our strengths, including
  • our existing world class companies, and small and growing enterprises.
  • Be business friendly, ensuring the right skills and conditions are in place to
  • support investment, and create and sustain new high quality jobs and
  • apprenticeships for working age people.
  • Continue to support investment in our business parks, units and Town