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The Local Plan

What is the Local plan?

The North Tyneside Local Plan plans for fifteen years from its adoption in July 2017, to 2032. The primary objective of the Local Plan is to enable the delivery of sustainable development to meeting the needs of everyone. The NPPF Ministerial foreword defines this role for planning and explains sustainable development as follows:

" Sustainable means ensuring that better lives for ourselves don’t mean worse lives for future generations. Development means growth. We must accommodate the new ways by which we will earn our living in a competitive world. We must house a rising population, which is living longer and wants to make new choices. We must respond to the changes that new technologies offer us. Our lives, and the places in which we live them, can be better, but they will certainly be worse if things stagnate. Sustainable development is about change for the better, and not only in our built environment."

You can read the Local Plan 2017 in full here.

The vision for 2032 

We want North Tyneside to be a place of opportunity, prosperity and vibrancy; a place that is resilient to climate change, where everyone can be happy, healthy, safe, and able to participate in a flourishing economy. A place where local businesses are able to thrive and is attractive to inward investment with a high quality natural, built and historic environment providing attractive places for residents and visitors and excellent transport links ,and particularly with Newcastle city centre, Northumberland, South Tyneside, Newcastle International Airport and the Port of Tyne. A place where the Borough's residents benefit from excellent access to education, have the opportunity to live in sustainable communities accommodating all ages and abilities, with quality and affordable homes reflecting high standards of design and construction and with easy access to open space, leisure and recreation facilities.

The Objectives

  1. Ensure a sustainable future for North Tyneside with communities and infrastructure that are well placed to mitigate climate change
  2. Diversify, strengthen and grow the local economy providing excellent job opportunities for everyone
  3. Give all residents the opportunity to live free from crime and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, achieving their potential in work and education
  4. Provide an appropriate range and choice of housing to meet current and future evidence based needs for market and affordable housing
  5. Revitalise the town centres
  6. Regenerate the Borough
  7. Manage waste as a resource and minimise the amount produced and sent to landfill
  8. Protect and enhance the natural environment
  9. Protect and enhance the built and historic environment
  10. Ensure sustainable access throughout the Borough, with the wider region and beyond
  11. Enhance the image of the Borough